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As Minateks Tekstil our main goal is to maximise interests of our employees, our stakeholders, our environment and our nation in practice of our activities. In this context, our main principle is integrating our quality, environment and occupational health and safety policies into all our processes. We accept national and international laws and standards as our guide on our way to achieve these goals. The essence of our policy is to conduct our activities in accord with these laws and standards. We endeavour to fulfil customer demands and wishes with our products and services with sustainable excellence. We work to create an appropriate and improvable system in conjunction with out sub-contractors and suppliers. Identifying and providing the requirements necessary for personal and professional development of our current and future human resources is an indispensable aspect of our business. Our main goals include reaching excellence in our processes, creating a minimum risk work environment for our sub-contractors and working to protect and improve our environment, in mind of Environmental laws and Occupational Health and Safety laws.