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Quality Policy

Our high-performance oriented Quality Policy aims to create a quality management system geared to ensure utmost level of customer satisfaction with our product and service offerings, to effectively manage customer feedback, to eliminate processes failing to generate value in order to ensure effective use of resources, to ensure timely deliveries and to ensure continuous improvement in line with Minateks vision, utilising developing and current technologies and taking laws and standards as our reference.

  • Working towards company and unit goals in team spirit on basis of Total Quality philosophy, and being open to improvement and innovation at all times,
  • Documenting our quality management system in a manner fulfilling requirements of international Quality Management Systems,
  • Accurately understanding customer demands, correctly managing customer wishes and complying with these wishes to the maximum level in scope of the projects we undertake,
  • Improving our training, research and service processes and ensuring continuous evolution and improvement of our business in order to fulfil current and future needs and expectations of our internal and external stakeholders.
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